Faresha Gray

Annual Exhibition - 2018

Report 2018

As Ann, our group leader is unable to be here tonight, I have been asked to present this report on behalf of the exhibition group.
First of all I would like to thank the 16 group members and everybody who helped to plan, set up and contribute to this year’s very successful exhibition.
29 members exhibited their work; 30 framed paintings and 235 cards were sold. We had some 1500 visitors, which was rather less than last year.
Once again, our Open Day on the first Saturday attracted lots of visitors who enjoyed viewing the paintings, voting for their favourite picture and talking to the several demonstrators about their work. There was an area for creative youngsters, Tindall's demonstrated and displayed several of their products and free refreshments were provided. As last year, it was a very enjoyable day for both members and visitors.
The Exhibition cannot take place without a great deal of work and effort by the dozen or so members of the exhibition group who are not members of the Ely Art Society Committee, although of course the Committee members book the venue and organise the financial side of things.
I cannot stress enough that without the help of members the exhibition cannot take place.
As the present Ely Art Society Committee members are all standing down at this year’s AGM, the exhibition group will not hold any meetings to discuss the arrangements for next year’s exhibition until the new Committee is formed. We will wait for direction from the Committee and be ready to help and support as and when required.
Please contact Ann Biggs by the end of January if you wish the exhibition group to continue.

The 2018 Exhibition is now over for another year. Once again it was a very successful event enjoyed by members and the public who visited in large numbers. the Special Open Day proved very popular.

Although now redundant I have left the 2018 exhibition information below for reference only.

Paperwork for this year's exhibition is now available. It can be downloaded below, or obtained from Demonstration Evenings, Tindall's Ely or by contacting Jo Scarffe.

To Download

The tie on labels for your paintings need to be collected from the above.
IMPORTANT POINT - The Tie on Labels which you write yourself will be placed on the wall next to your painting. Therefore please write these neatly in block capitals with black ink, for consistency throughout the exhibition.


Labelling of Pictures and Cards

If you would like to download a copy of the Society's Framing Guide please click here

I have shown the Schedule and Poster here as well in case you want to read it on this page. Please read the schedule carefully as there are some changes from previous years.

Fully paid up members of Ely Art Society are invited to enter the Annual Exhibition which will take place between the 6th and the 18th of August in the Hayward Theatre Ely. Official Schedules, Entry Forms and Labels can be obtained from the Society web site, Society Demonstration Evenings, Tindall’s or by contacting the Exhibition Entry Secretary –
Jo Scarff, 7 Bellairs, Sutton, Ely, Cambs, CB6 2RW Tel: 01353 778194
Ann Biggs can be contacted via e mail ann@ann-biggs.com or telephone 07808 628222

• Entry Closing - 14th July – no entries will be accepted after this date.
• Handing In – Sun 5th August 9am – 10.30 – please do not arrive early, to ensure we are ready for you
• Open Day – Sat 11th August – will be detailed separately.
• Exhibition Duration – Mon 6th – Sat 18th August 2018 - 10:00am – 5pm each day
• Collection of Unsold Works – Sun 19th August 3pm – 5pm.
please wait behind the desk and the Stewards will bring your works to you.
Members may submit the following (max of 11 works excluding cards) using the appropriate Entry Form
• 6 Framed pieces (including box canvases) with a min price of £35 each
• 5 Unframed pieces – mounted and protected by cellophane (no box canvases)
• 6 Sculptures
• 30 Cards in total – Reproduction priced at £2.50 and originals at £4.00. Cards should be clearly marked either “Reproduction” or “Original”
• Please number the back of pictures to indicate the order in which you prefer them hung. Nos 1 -3 will be hung and the others kept in reserve. When a picture is sold the Steward will replace the sold works with an appropriate reserve. You will not be asked to bring in more paintings, to replace any sold, this year.
Submission Fees and Commission
A submission fee of £20 will be payable per entry regardless of the number of items.
A commission of 20% will be deducted from all work sold.

The following rules will apply to items submitted
• All work must be original.
• Any medium can be used with the exception of Photographs and Giclee Prints. Digital work may be accepted as per framed and unframed above and with only one copy of each.
• All prints produced by linocuts, lithograph woodcuts etc. must be numbered and not more than one version of the same print entered.
• Work must not have been exhibited at any previous exhibition of the Society.
• Box canvases will be classed as a framed work.
• The hanging committee reserve the right to reject work deemed to be unsuitable for this exhibition.
Framing and Labelling
• All pictures must have a label stuck on the back containing the following information – IN BLOCK CAPITALS and black ink.
• All framed works must also have a tie on label containing the above information. The Society will provide these labels. They will be available at Demonstration Evenings, in Tindall’s or by contacting Jo Scarff.
These labels will be stuck on adjacent to your hung painting so please write neatly and legibly, in black ink, to give a good impression to visitors.
• D Rings and cords, with the rings not more than one third from the top of the painting, must be on the frame.
• Clip frames are not acceptable and all frames must be in accordance with the Societies framing guide. A copy of this can be found on the web site.
• Each card should have your name or initials clearly printed on a small label on the rear as well as the price - £2.50 for Reproductions and £4.00 for originals.
All works and cards are accepted at the artist’s own risk. Artists should insure their own work if required.

Each exhibitor is required to undertake at least 3 duties during the exhibition or they may use a substitute. A rota list will be available at the July Demonstration and also at Handing In day

Artists Profile Sheet.
It would be helpful if you would provide an A4 sheet showing some information about you and your work. These will be collated in a book for visitors to peruse. It may help to sell your work. Jo Scarff will help you if required.

Sundry Conditions
• Exhibits may not be removed from the exhibition unless sold at the exhibition.
• Substitution of exhibits is not permitted. The works stated on the entry form are the only ones accepted.
• Prices may not be changed from those on the entry form.
• The Society cannot accept responsibly for any loss or damage to members work.
Publicity – you can help make the Exhibition a success,
• Posters will be available at Demonstrations, on the Web Site and from Tindall’s. Please take these and post them where you can.
• Please do what you can to publicise the exhibition on social media.
• Please encourage your friends to submit works and to visit the exhibition.

We now communicate a lot using the Society web site – www.elyartsociety.com. However not everyone has access to the web site so information is also passed at the Demonstration Evenings or by contacting any committee member. We are here to help.

At each exhibition we have an A4 book containing exhibiting Artists Profile Sheets. These are simple A4 sheets giving details about the artist and their work. We have found in the past that visitors like to look at these to find out something about the artists especially if they are considering making a purchase.

The sheets can contain whatever information you wish e.g. Medium used, type of work done, where you like to work, what inspires you, who influences you etc. It is also good to include a photo of you or your work.

If you wish to have your sheet included please bring it to the Handing In along with your works.

Jo Scarff is happy to assist you making up your sheet so please contact her if you would like help with this - Tel: 01353 778194.

Exhibition Poster 2018