Forthcoming Events

This section shows Events and News for Ely Art Society. Demonstrations start at 7:30pm and are held at the Methodist Hall, Ely, CB6 1AD. Entry is free for members. Non-members are welcome at a cost of £5.
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6th December 2019 - Christmas Social


Winter Robin
Party will be taking place at Tindalls in Ely, on Friday 6th December 2019,18:00 pm.

January 10th AGM 2020,19:30-21:30


14February 2020, Yurim Gough


After emigrating to England in 2007 from Korea where she was a designer, Yurim come back to art starting with life drawing and experimenting with other media. ...more

March 13th 2020, Naomi Davies


Naomi Davies

Naomi Davies is a Cambridge artist working in ink and watercolour. ...more

April 3rd 2020, Rosalind Lyons


Rosalind Lyons

As a practising figurative painter since 1990, Rosalind has exhibited regularly in both mixed and solo shows with work in UK and international private collections. ...more

May 1st 2020,Ruth Blundell


Ruth Blundell

Ruth Blundell enjoys constructing sculptures from pieces of wood. ...more

12 June 2020,Jill Ogliby


Jill Ogliby
Born in Scotland, Jill Ogilvy has lived and worked in the UK, France and Italy, where she trained in classical fine art. Jill holds an honours degree in graphics and illustration as well as an MA from Falmouth College of Ar ...more



Annual Exhibition, July 17th to 20th

11th September, Janie Pirie


Janie Pirie
Pirie SBA specialises in floral and botanical art using coloured pencils. Her meticulously drawn and striking compositions have immensely accurate detail together with great depth and a rich intensity of colour. ...more

9th October 2020, Stan Peach


tan Peach’s expressionistic and allegorical artworks are inspired by the diversity of life around him, people, abstract thoughts, portraiture, relationships and dreams. Working in a range of painting and printmaking techniques, ...more

13th November 2020, Jelena Lukic


Jelena Lukic, Connection
Jelena works in mixed media. She works using paint, collage and digital manipulation building up layers and expressing different rhythms and contrasts ...more