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This section shows Events and News for Ely Art Society.
Demonstrations start at 7:00pm and are held at the Methodist Church,13 - 15 Chapel Street, Ely.You can access from Chapel Street or from the gate at the back of St Mary’s car park.
If you would like to see what we have done in the past please click here

May 24th - Anna Osborne Screen printing + Embroidery

Following a training in ceramics and a variety of jobs Anna launched her online shop The Speculating Rook in 2013. Specialising in free machine embroidery. she uses vintage wool blankets, linen, sari silk and other fabrics that catch her eye and imagination to create a range of cushions, lampshades and small bags.
All designs originate from Anna’s sketchbooks and take their inspiration from the flora and fauna of the East Anglian landscape in which she lives.

June 28th -Debs Mundford, Craft and Textiles Demo

Debs is a textile designer, fabric artist and tutor. Her love for colour and texture evolved into her career path. After studying art and design at York College and textile design and technology at Huddersfield University, she earned distinctions and won awards, including the Courtaulds prize for best portfolio.
Starting as a design assistant in a Bradford textile mill, her dedication and talent for color led to a promotion as a ladies wear designer. She crafted woven fabrics for popular stores like Marks & Spencer, Next, and designed bespoke fabrics for fashion icons like Alexander McQueen and Patrick Cox. Debs lectured in Art, Design, Fashion, Textiles, and Costume, nurturing the creative talents of aspiring artists. In 2017, she established The Creative Craftorium, a workshop space where individuals can explore diverse textile and mixed-media techniques in an inspiring environment. Debs also actively engages with textile groups, fostering experimentation and creativity among crafters.

June 29th, Pop-Up Exhibition 2024

Pop-up Exhibition 2024, 11-4, Methodist Church, Chapel Street, Ely

July, Riverside sketching

27th July

August 23rd - Annie Brown Needle Felting with wool

Originally hailing from the Kent coast, she earned a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from the Kent Institute of Art and Design in Canterbury. Moving to Cambridgeshire in the early 2000s, she transitioned to become an Art and Design Teacher at the secondary level. After teaching for a few years, she made a pivotal decision to pursue her passion for art as a full-time artist while continuing to share her expertise through workshops. Her introduction to Needle Felting came while exploring therapeutic activities for a Cambridge Women’s Aid workshop. Drawing from her painting background, she experimented with wool as a painting medium and was amazed by the stunning outcomes. As she mastered the art of blending wool, her creations took on the appearance of paintings.
The demand for her workshop samples led her to establish Annie Brown Needle Felting. Alongside showcasing her work and participating in national exhibitions, she conducts needle felting workshops for individuals, groups, and organizations, imparting the joys of this craft to others.

September 27th - Judith Handley, Print, Paper and Stitch.

Judith loves the process of layering hand-carved lino blocks or hand-cut silkscreen stencils onto various backgrounds. Often, she incorporates watercolors to soften sharp edges and combines them with found or self-printed papers in collage. Her fascination lies in the interplay of colours, patterns, and textures that emerge from these layers, revealing and concealing in captivating ways. Her inspiration comes from the garden which surrounds her as she works. Its palette of colour, form, and line constantly moves and changes through the day and the seasons, and she tries to replicate elements of this in her work.

October 25th - Peter Corr. Cold wax tree painting

Peter Corr was born in Preston, UK, and spent many years living and working abroad and enjoyed the experience of getting to know different peoples and cultures. He spent many years in Germany, Cyprus and most recently in the Middle East. All these places are present in his work and he feels you don’t have to look very far to see the evidence; the blue and turquoise of the Mediterranean, the warm ochres of the Persian Gulf, a preoccupation with design, order and the tactile qualities of earth and stone.
Peter Corr is currently based in Ely, Cambridgeshire and his recent work is inspired by the dramatic and expansive landscape of the Fenlands. As a painter, he has always been fascinated by the movement towards abstract art and the progressive simplification of subject matter, form, and colour.
Most of Peter Corr's work occupies that transitional space between figuration and abstraction.He often tries to achieve contrasting sensations and impressions, feelings of time passing, and notions of eternity. In particular, Peter is very interested in concepts associated with tranquillity, serenity, and meditation. 

Autumn Meet Up

November 23rd

Nov 4-28th, Annual Exhibition, Babylon Gallery