Past Events

13th January 2017 - Demonstration - Lois Cordelia

"Creatively Re-imagining a Canvas with Speed-Acrylics"
Lois Cordelia - Flamenco Dancer
Lois Cordelia creates dramatic sculptures in mixed media based on mythological themes. She has worked as an assistant to the children's illustrator Jan Pienkowski, best known for his Meg & Mog series. Lois has had many solo exhibitions and is currently based in Ipswich.

In this fast-paced demo, Lois Cordelia will demonstrate her energetic "speed-acrylics" techniques, working on a large scale, with bold, sweeping strokes. Specifically, she will transform and creatively re-imagine an existing canvas, making use of the original to contribute to the end result. Besides acrylics, Lois works in diverse styles and mediums, including intricate scalpel paper-cut designs, mixed media illustration, life drawing and sculpture.
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