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9 March 2018 - Demonstration - Mathew Palmer

Mathew Palmer - Falling Snow
Mathew writes - I began painting at a very young age. Art was always in my blood and it was a subject I always understood. I could see perspective and how buildings all have the same basic structure, and I could see the shadows in a tree.
It was this early artistic flair that really helped me along the path to becoming a professional artist. I have always thought that children’s minds are like sponges; they absorb information with an almost photographic memory. Because I spent time drawing and sketching objects like trees, I really captured these in my mind.
I soon developed my own style, which has a good balance of looseness with detail where it counts, drawing the eye to the painting’s focal point. I love to paint landscapes and seascapes, and painting from life is what I really enjoy. Watercolour is very easy to travel with; all you need are a few brushes, paints, a piece of watercolour paper and a bit of inspiration. Another favourite subject of mine is animals; capturing the detail in the hair is wonderful. I also enjoy painting close-up studies of old gates and cottage doorways. My painting has evolved over the years and it still evolves. I think in every painting you learn something new.

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Mathew Palmer